We must help this keystone species ASAP
Join us August 5 at 8am

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Over the last twenty years, we have seen perennial damage to the leaves of oak trees.  Join us on Zoom, August 5 at 8am, as Dr. Jesse Randall of Michigan State University shares his findings regarding the effects that pre-emergent herbicides have on native tree health. We will also hear an explanation about the oak tree’s role in our ecosystems from Douglas Tallamy, the author of several books including the current bestseller The Nature of Oaks: The Rich Ecology of Our Most Essential Native Tree

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Meeting ID: 875 1425 6235


Dr. Jesse Randall is Michigan State’s Forestry Innovation Center Director.  Previously employed with Iowa State, Jesse has spent the last decade researching the effects of various unnatural chemicals on the native and essential trees of our ecosystems.
Douglas Tallamy is a professor of entomology wildlife ecology at University of Delaware.  He has written three books about environmentalism, two of which are New York Times Best Sellers.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 875 1425 6235

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