The Archipelago is composed of a large garden bed surrounding the house and a chain of six landscape “islands” designed to minimize lawn space and increase soft landing space beneath the trees in the area. The trees in the area are well-established aside from a few recently-planted shrubs, but the ground lacks native plant life because most of it was just recently reclaimed from turf lawn. To clear up confusion about which island is which, each one has received a New York-themed name. In the Summer of 2023, a seventh island, “Long Island” will be marked out and planted in the fall.

Ecosystem Models: Oak-Hickory Forest, Oak Savanna



  • Start plugs of the following species (overwintering required): Fringed Loosestrife, Purple Coneflower, Early Meadow Rue, Blue Phlox, Bellflower, Sweet Joe Pye Weed, Heart-Leaved Aster, Columbine, Common Milkweed, Gray-Headed Coneflower, Sweet Black-Eyed Susan, False Sunflower [Completed 12.09.22]
  • Start plugs of the following species: Indian Grass, Illinois Tick Trefoil, Sneezeweed [Completed 02.14.23]
  • Transplant excess shrubs into pots [Completed 02.20.23]


  • Plant shrubs in Governors Island [Completed 03.05.23]
  • Repair critter damage to Liberty Island
  • Smother Chives in the Bronx
  • Plant plugs in Manhattan, Staten Island, and Liberty Island
  • Order seeds for Long/Ellis Island plugs


  • Install pavers around Long Island
  • Cardboard and mulch on Long/Ellis Island
  • Start plugs for Long/Ellis Island


  • Plant plugs in Long/Ellis Island
  • Plant shrubs in Long Island