Right at the eastern edge of Prairie Oaks, the woods open up into the Far Pond Slope. Much like the Degraded Grassland, the Far Clearing is dominated by invasive grasses but contains some native volunteers. However, without an established prairie close by, volunteers are harder to come by. Canada Goldenrod, Common Milkweed, and False Sunflower dot the clearing, but on the south side and along the pond, the sunny grassland gradually fades back into woodland, where few native plants reside.

Ecosystem Model: Oak-Hickory Forest, Tallgrass Prairie



  • Remove excessive Black Walnuts from Clearing [Completed 02.10.23]
  • Remove excessive Black Walnuts from Woodland Transition [Completed 02.21.23]
  • Prune trees [Completed 02.21.23]
  • Make dead Boxelder into a brush pile [Completed 02.26.23]
  • Remove invasives from Woodland Transition [Completed 02.27.23]


  • Burn Clearing
  • Remove remaining invasives from Clearing
  • Plant trees and shrubs
  • Disperse seeds from established prairie on burned ground


  • Remove Wild Parsnip


  • Collect and disperse forb seeds from established prairie for overwintering
Before and after pictures for invasive Multiflora Rose removal throughout February 2023