The Ground Cover Garden consists of six bean-shaped beds with varying light conditions from partial sun to full shade. In them, we will be growing nine different species of ground covers: May Apple, Wild Ginger, Violet Wood Sorrel, Common Blue Violet, Pussytoes, Palm Sedge, Christmas Fern, Maiden Hair Fern, and Lady Fern. Most of the plants were started in the Fall of 2022 from seed, and more will be added in Spring. Over the course of the year, half of the plants can be pulled from the beds, and the remaining half will replenish the supply vegetatively with rhizomes. Following this strategy provides a constant supply of ground cover without needing to replant.



  • Order and plant ferns
  • Plant Palm Sedge seeds
  • Collect seeds from any ground covers that flowered and plant them in gaps in the beds


  • Fill gaps in other Stewardship Plan projects with divisions from the Ground Cover Garden