While no prairie species exist in this old field yet, it is a perfect opportunity for a planting. The field, which used to be used for wheat, is currently full of invasive cool-season grasses and clover. Throughout the summer of 2022, it was mowed to the ground to thin out some of this vegetation, but a concerted effort in 2023 to occult the remnants of the undesirable species will be the last stage of preparation before seeding with a shortgrass prairie mix. The established prairie on the property is tall-grass, so this new space offers an opportunity for greater biodiversity of native species. Additionally, the less-than-perfect soil quality of this particular area will likely support shorter vegetation well.



  • Measure out current tarps and buy new ones if necessary to create a plan for smothering


  • Follow smothering plan, alternating every four weeks

Winter 2023-24: