**As of 7/20/2021, Prairie Oaks will be going offline for some much needed rest & recovery! Stay tuned for when we return and open back up. We look forward to reconnecting in the future with new projects, people, and opportunities!**

Prairie Oaks is a 34-acre reserve established in 1996. We are stewards of native prairie, oak savanna, woodland, and wetland in LeClaire, Iowa. We acknowledge that this land is Meskwaki and Sauk land. We acknowledge the history of genocide, displacement, mass exploitation, and Indigenous erasure that has taken place and continues to take place since European colonization. We advocate for land back initiatives, Indigenous sovereignty, and the decolonization of agriculture across the Midwest. To learn more, please support & visit Great Plains Action Society and read this publication: End Stage Iowa: Big-Ag’s Sacrifice Zone and Indigenous Resistance.

We learn something new every day about the complexity and diversity of the native ecology, and we aim to conserve and encourage the growth of the native species that call this place home.

**This website is still under construction! Continue to check back for updates!**