photo 1As September came to a close, Tony Singh completed the 500-mile “Walk for the Bees” along the Colorado Trail. Moselle completed 120 miles in the first 7 days before sustaining a knee injury, causing her to leave the trail early. The trail was not only physically challenging, as Tony recalls, it also tested mental and emotional strength through long periods of isolation.


Facing the void of isolation was often daunting, but it also opened the space and time for clear self-awareness, something we rarely have the opportunity to experience in our present-day society. As Tony explained, “I also recognized that my ability to control my surroundings and conditions is beyond me. For me, accepting and surrendering to a higher power is needed and is essential for me to make peace with my existence.”


As humans, we are ever-changing and adapting to the elements of nature that inform and shape the human experience. Being raw and unsheltered from such elements on the trail naturally leads to self-surrender and humility. This acceptance of the very humanness of our being leads to a powerful sense of freedom and peace. If we act while lucid of our relationship to these elements, we can evolve with the brilliance and clarity of self-aware action.

Thus far, the “Walk for the Bees” has raised $8,000, which Tony is matching, meaning a total of $16,000 has been raised. All proceeds will support programs at the Nahant Marsh Education Center in Davenport to raise awareness and action for the preservation of pollinator populations and the restoration of their habitats.

Donations are still being accepted and will continue to be matched up to $25,000. If you would like to contribute, send a check written out to the Nahant Marsh Education Center with a note that it is for the “Walk for the Bees” project. The address is 4220 Wapello Ave., Davenport, IA 52802.

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